Zirconio – the Quintessential – was established in 1965 with a strong Spanish heritage. It designs, manufactures and markets wall and floor ceramic and porcelain tiles. With continuous innovation and keeping up with the latest technology, Zirconio experienced many first moments from being the first factory to produce double-fired tiles in 1979 and the first to establish its own in-house glaze and design development.The brand was the first to launch commercially viable white-body wall tiles and the pioneer to implement digital decoration print technology in 2001.

The uniqueness of Zirconio’s designs are pieces of art developed by in-house designers that translates lifestyle inspirations into personal spaces. Inspired by natural stones and marbles, wooden pallets on the factory grounds and seasoned under weather, to imitative design of floral motifs, geometric and shapes, Zirconio offers an artistic range of design collections that immaculate exclusivity and not compromising in quality and performance.

The brand continued to establish a strong international brand presence in 170 countries fulfilling the various needs of consumers from different cultures.

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