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Company With Swiss Origins

With origins from Cresiano, Switzerland more than 40 years ago, the Niro Ceramic Group has maintained its Swiss heritage and ensure that our product quality and design are as what we’re well-known to be – highest standards of quality with good designs.



Heritage, Trust and Values

The Niro Ceramic Group has more than 40 years’ experience in the tile industry and to-date has representations across the continents, worldwide.



Global Industry Standards

Niro Ceramic Group adopts quality assurance standards that is stringent. ​ Quality control tests are conducted by our in-house lab and international labs to ensure the standards are fully met. ​For more information on quality standards, please refer to this


Customer Experience

Personalised Solutions,
Your Need Is Our Priority

Niro Ceramic Group’s Sales people are capable of advising you on products and technical installations.
Each of them is a specialist in their own area, for e.g., dedicated sales person that is specialized in the different market segments for e.g. commercial establishments, high-rise apartment and condos, hotels, airports, hospitals, retail outlets and so on. All our sales people undergo intensive training before they are exposed into the field in order to provide our partners and customers with the right solutions.


– Aesthetics and Visualization

At Niro Ceramic Group, we have an In-House Product Development team to constantly research and apply new creatives, innovations and technologies to tiles and create new aesthetic designs.

With our various representations worldwide, our Product Development team is continuously in-touch with customers’ demands and building and interior design industry trends in all continents to develop only the best products designs to meet the different market needs.

Niro Ceramic Group has an in-house team of product, technical, 3D and 360° Visual Design Specialists to provide you with project interior designs and layout drawings which includes 3D ambience, product matching (tile, sanitary ware and interior décor) and technical drawings for our customers to visualize their room and project spaces.

For homeowners, we have more than 100 Designers nationwide in various Creative Lab outlets to provide you with free 3D drawings on your home renovation projects. These drawings come complete with the tile layout that you would be able to bring to your contractor for ease of installation.

With this value-added service, our partners and customers are able to visualize the end-results of the project or renovation, ensuring that the result stays true to its initial design.



Technical Solutions – Your Questions Answered


When you purchase from us, we ensure you get the support you need before and after tile installation. Our Technical Crew are available to provide you with installation tips, help with issues that you face during installation and provide you with solutions should there be any rectifications needed after installation.

Our Technical Crew goes along with you for site inspections as well to ensure that our tiles are installed using correct installation method and provide solutions to common site defects. This helps to reduce or eliminate installation challenges and reduce tile or material wastages that may incur project cost overruns.


For homeowners, our Design Consultants nationwide may be approached for similar technical solutions. Should you need further analysis on the issues faced, you will be referred to our in-house Technical Crew.

Global Supply Chain

Niro Ceramic Group has built a reliable and supply chain over the years that can consistently supply tiles all over the world at any point of time. We have factories located at strategic, resource rich countries to produce tiles and sanitary ware. Coupled with stringent quality controls, we are able to ensure consistency in technical specifications and design of each tile.
With multiple distribution centres worldwide, we are able to ensure sufficient stocks are produced to meet huge project scales when required.

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