Vogue Grande

polished (only for GNB35, GNB36, GVG01, GVG02, GVG03,GVG04, GVG05 & GVG06)soft polished (only for GVG07 & GVG08)
90x180cm(GNB35, GNB36, GVG01 & GVG02)
120x240cm(GVG03 & GVG04)
120x120cm(GVG05 & GVG06)
160x320cm(GVG07 & GVG08)


Vogue Grande Collection is haute couture, dominating interior design and architecture landscape with elegance and style, making a bold statement. It is the complete language for a new way to live and feel, one powered by individualism and the courage to embrace the uniqueness!

The inspiration of the tiles in this collection characterize between marble designs and Mother Nature, an exceptional boldness that instantly elevates the tone of any room to a luxurious architecture, cutting it for the generation that has fallen in love with self-expression.

Vogue Grande by Niro Granite, makes a coherent reference of elegance and timelessness thus creating a bespoke look for every space, defining uniqueness and the philosophy of life.

Suitable for:

Residential floor and wall – Indoor

  • Living
  • Dining
  • Dry kitchen
  • Feature Wall
  • Kitchen Counter Top

Commercial wall – Indoor

  • Feature Wall
  • Lift Lobby Wall

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