Here are other great features that you’d definitely love!

Sleek design with clean lines

An appearance that will fit any modern bathroom styles, from minimalist to industrial and in big or small bathrooms.


Rimless Bowl

No hidden nooks or corners that makes cleaning easier. You can be assured that there’s no dirt in hidden corners for maximum hygiene.



Quality seat and seat covers

Enjoy your bathroom with soft close, silent seat covers that comes with quick-release buttons for easier lift and clean function. There’s also UV protection that has anti-bacterial properties, scratch and burn resistance.


Other Excellent Features

Internal Fittings That Are Made From The Highest Quality

Tested and certified by worldwide authorised bodies

Flexi-P Connector Allows Any Distance Fitting to Waste Pipes

Floor or wall waste pipes and roughing-in distance installed Easily with Flexi-P

Easy Installation For Close Coupled Models

Top mounting screws allows for Easier and faster installation




*4L applies to these new models – Lucca, Prato and Arden.