Our Core Values

Global Mindset

Our tiles carry the Swiss quality with European designs. Innovative marketing and excellent customer care epitomise our Global Mindset. We respect local cultures and diversities and at the same time, we adopt global best standards and practices as our core competencies.


Ethics, Honesty and Responsibility are the moral values and principles that guide us individually and collectively so that we are consistent, transparent and trustworthy to all our stakeholders.


We support each other across all organisational and geographical lines so that our shaped goals and objectives can be achieved efficiently.


We are passionate about our works as we desire to bring great experiences and lasting beauties to our customers through our services and products.

Learn & Innovative

In order to achieve long term success in the competition, we must constantly learn and innovate to deliver higher added products and services to our customers.


Every Niro-ian has a leadership role either directly or indirectly in making sure that we all move together towards our common goals.

Service Excellence

We are passionate in providing our customers excellent services and solutions by taking ownership and stretching our boundaries.