Top Backsplash Ideas for Kitchen & Bathroom

The backsplash is known as a vertical extension above the counter or any worktop of a kitchen or bathroom. For decades, the backsplash serves as a functional part of any kitchen or bathroom with the purpose of protecting the walls above a work area of the rooms from all kinds of splashes and damages, such as moisture from washing, grease splatting from cooking, accidental food splatter or even smoke from flames. With a backsplash, cleaning and maintenance of the work area are made effortless.

Today, backsplash are more than just functional, they can be built towards aesthetics and can be a beautiful artistic element added to your kitchen or bathroom. There are a large variety of materials to build a backsplash and they range from wood, natural stone, ceramic tiles, glass, or metal. Backsplash can be creative and artful when incorporating into the design with different colour, textures, shapes, and laying patterns. Today, we will look at backsplash ideas using colourful mosaics of glass and ceramic, bringing you both inspiration of traditional and contemporary design tailoring to a textured living space.

Design #1 Modern Minimalist Backsplash

Create a stunning background for your cooking area with white glass and silver metal mosaics tile as a backsplash, covering the stove wall in full height from the counter and all the way up to the ceiling. A light-coloured, ceiling-height backsplash can give a clean and fresh modern minimalist look to your kitchen. The full mosaic-covered wall not only creates a focal point but also brings together all aspects of the space, visually making the kitchen space larger, creating a work area that is clean, bright and comfortable to be in.


Design #2 Oriental Theme Backsplash

Want a stunning backsplash to wow your guest? Boldly infuse the touch of Oriental theme into your bathroom backsplash. The design concept is a fusion between Oriental and Modern Minimalist, where on the wall, we work with the red and gold undertones, Oriental-inspired mosaics. The red mosaics are laid in a random manner and you may add an Oriental piece of art to enhance the look. It is best to use a solid dark colour countertop or furniture to blend the whole look, retaining the intricate touches of the Oriental theme while staying contemporary at the same time.


Design #3 Ombre Style Backsplash

Ombre can be described as a gradual blending or progression of colour, transitioning from one colour hue to another, usually moving shades from dark to light or vice versa depending on one’s creativity. Ombre is a popular trend even in clothes or hair fashion, thus adding this to a wall is a normal extension of the fashion trend. This backsplash design could be achieved by blending 2 to 3 tones or more, working your way up from the darkest to the lightest of shades that you have selected. In this bathroom backsplash, we have selected the blue and white tone from our hexagon mosaics collection. Blue tone brings in the calm and tranquillity mood allowing you to lay back and relax while enjoying a hot bath.



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It is not a difficult task to set up a home amidst the bustling city and call it your countryside home especially when most housing developers are developing townships complete with man-made lakes and landscaped gardens. When designing your country home, here is the moodboard essentials:

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  • Natural materials like wood-like floors or reclaimed wood, exposed bricks, and exposed wooden beams
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