The Power of Mixing & Matching For Tiles

Tiles are the preferred flooring and wall option today for most homeowners and retail space owners due to their versatility and durability. With inkjet printing technology, tiles have evolved into the modernized versions today consisting of various shapes, sizes and patterns, surfaces and, some of which resemble very closely to natural earth materials like stone, wood, and marble. Indeed, the combination of tiles in different designs and sizes can produce creative designs for a living space. Here are some ideas on tile combinations that you can use for your next renovation.

Small and Large Tiles Combination

Small-sized tiles that make a statement like mosaics are a good combination of larger-sized tiles. The smaller tiles will then be the focus area and play the role of a feature wall or a backsplash. The larger tiles also balance the entire room’s design. For an easy mix that works in any space for small and large tiles sizes, take two tile designs in the same color range but different shapes and let the grout lines form the pattern. The result of this combination is a bold and catchy living space.


Patterned Tiles With Plain Tiles

Using patterned tiles in the entire room will make the design busy. Restrict them to one surface or a part of the wall or just the floor, then combine them with plain light coloured tiles to enhance the background. Patterned tile breaks up the consistency of an otherwise plain room to create an intriguing and interesting design.


Combination Of Different Tile Shapes

Different tile shapes when combined can help create artistic patterns on the wall or floor. The trick is to create a balance when mixing the small and large-scale patterns. To ensure you get what you want in the final outcome, try dry laying the tiles in an area first or opt for 3D design services at your tile outlet. In this instance, we have mixed hex-shaped tiles with square tiles to create a unique wall pattern.


Mixing Tiles With Different Textures

Unlike the earlier days, tiles come in different textures and design like wood, cement or stone-designed tiles. Mixing tiles with different textures are much easier than mixing tiles to create artistic patterns. For example, stone or cement tiles will give the room a bold look while mixing wood tiles will give a sense of warmth in the room style.


Mixing & Matching Of Tiles With Different Colours

A combination of tile colours to create patterns or to achieve the trend-setting gradient or ombre effect is yet another way to design a stylish space. Sticking to a one-tone colour scheme will definitely make the design process simpler. Adding an additional colour to the wall beside the base colour of the room creates a focal point and easily turns the area into a feature wall or a backsplash.


Matte and Glossy or Polished Tiles Combinations

Who would have thought of combining different surfaced tiles? Matt-surface tiles portray subtle softness while polished or glossy surfaced tiles have light-reflecting capabilities. Combining these two adds texture to the room. They can be in random order, with more matt tiles than glossy tiles, depending on the amount of shine that you require, or they can be in an equally arranged combination. Both ideas create an understatement and modernized effect on a room.


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Styles of Terrazzo Tiles That Impresses Your Guests

terrazzo tile balcony

In the world of interior design, terrazzo tiles are making waves right now. With their unique texture and stunning looks, it’s easy to see why terrazzo tiles are not only making a comeback to architects and designers today – it’s here to stay.

As design styles come and go, the buzz around terrazzo tiles is a reflection of the current homeowner’s dilemma – to have a home that is a playful expansion of the concrete industrial and minimalist style that has been the go-to style in Malaysia for some time now.

In fact, terrazzo tiles from Malaysia’s most-popular tile shops are allowing young, visually-driven homeowners to embrace different colours, textures and bespoke finishes that can suit a variety of tastes in home interior design.

Not only are they a great way to add interesting designs to a space, terrazzo tiles themselves are beautiful, and are a cost-effective alternative to using natural stone.


But Aren’t Terrazzo Tiles Just For Bathrooms?

While they’re traditionally mainly used for bathrooms, there’s no stopping them from being utilized everywhere, including floors in main living areas, floor-to-ceiling in bathrooms, feature walls, bench tops and patios. The list is endless!

3 Terrazzo Tiles Styles That Will Impress Your Guest

terrazzo tile living room

1) Make Warm Colours and Tones Pop

Terrazzo look tiles pair well with warm color schemes because they can appear ‘cold’. These tiles come in cool and neutral colors that you can brighten up with warm, earthy tones and flashes of color in your interior design.

Pick a color scheme that has a bright pop and even pair it with a warm wood colours. You can also play with different shades of warm lighting to make the space elegant, yet incredibly cozy.


terrazzo tile wall

2) Use Terrazzo Tiles As An Alternative To Stone And Wood

The classic pairing of stone colours and warm wood never fails.

Hence, even though terrazzo tiles are manufactured, their multi-toned look makes them appear very organic like they are made of stone!

This enables them to complement your wood pieces of furniture very well while being much more cost effective than stone! In this instance, the wood cabinets becomes the standout feature and tiles act as a good supporting character to the stunning cabinet colour.

When using terrazzo tiles, you have the flexibility to opt for materials that have a more dramatic appearance as they are balanced by the subtlety of the tiles themselves!


terrazzo tile corner living room

3) Play With Soft Textures And Warming Elements

While they are mostly simple and elegant in design, terrazzo tiling can make a room feel very cold.

For this reason, many savvy designers choose to make use of texture (such as a luxurious sofa or a marble table) or accompanying decoration pieces (such as a vase of flowers) to make the space look warmer.</p<

For example, a grey couch can give your living room a luxurious feel and softens up a room. You can also opt for rugs, curtains and other textiles that can warm up the space that is tiled beautifully with terrazzo!

Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Guests With Niro Granite Terrazzo Tiles


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Top 5 Most Popular Living Room Styles

Living room – as the centerpiece of a home, opens up possibilities for creativity and innovation that enhance the overall aesthetic of a home. Scouring through top designers living room concepts, the 5 most popular living room concepts are Scandinavian, Minimalist, Modern Classic, Industrial, and Mid-Century Eclectic.

The key to a successful living room makeover very much depends on the essential combination of elements that define and refine the design concept. In this article, we will be guiding you through the right essential combination of elements to build your dream living room.


The overall look and feel of the Scandinavian design are more than just selecting and buying furniture from IKEA or MajuHome. Going way back to the source of the Scandinavian design, the concept originated from the influence of northern European countries’ – Norway, Sweden and, Denmark – architectures, and designs.



Simple and Timeless, the Minimalist design trend is a movement towards stripping down excessive use of elements in the design concept while moving the focus only on the necessary objects that address the overall look of the space which lives up to the Minimalist statement of “LESS IS MORE”.


Modern Classic

Gaining inspiration from the classic design and re-introducing it into the modern-day concept developed the popularity for this Modern Classic style trend in today’s residential and commercial space. In the Modern Classic style, colours play a vital role to get the right design concept.



The industrial style is the top picked style for homes especially amongst the younger generations due to the popularity of loft living. In an industrial design living room, marrying sleek modernity and old charming décor results in an impressive look with a touch of warmth in the atmosphere.


Mid Century Electic

Functionality will be the first outline for a Mid Century Eclectic style living room. This design concept originated from the Bauhaus styles which began in Germany and later on gained its presence globally.


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Tile Ideas For Modern Offices

Boring carpeted floors are way in the past. They are never easy to clean and then there are dust mites that grow in billions every minute that you cannot ever get rid of. When it comes to office renovations, practicality has always been the primary concern hence most offices end up with carpeted floors. However, with the latest technologies available, tiling is now a better flooring option that offers durability, easy maintenance, and design at the same time.

Another major advantage that tiles have over carpets is their versatility. It can be used in many ways and not just as flooring or wall material, resulting in a seamless office design theme.

Read on for the key considerations when designing an office or using tiles in your office.

Tiles For The Office Reception

When designing an office reception area, the most important essence is the visual impact that it creates for your guests. It is after all the first impression that your office guests receive upon their arrival. This is the area where you may want to consider spending most to create a comfortable welcome space and to display your organisation’s statement to your guests.

Designing the office reception area typically takes into account the volume of traffic within the space too. For offices that expect high footfall, the selection of structured or anti slip tiles that are highly durable flooring materials do fare better and prove to be cost-effective over time.


The Flow of Traffic and Types of Office Space

The purpose of each office space and the flow of traffic will help determine the floor and wall tiles too. For example, tech companies or start-ups usually invest in recreational areas for their employees. These areas need to inspire creativity and create positivity among the employees thus natural wood-designed tiles or stone-designed tiles work best.


There are also areas that are naturally high in traffic like the office canteen or for manufacturing companies, the factory area. While the design may not be as important in these areas, they definitely require durable floor materials. Matt surface or structured surface tiles are highly preferred options.


The flow of traffic from one room to the other also plays an important role in selecting your floor tiles. Larger-sized tiles are good considerations for bigger spaces or facades, and they help to transition the journey from one large room to another, delivering a feeling of flow to your building, making it feel seamless.


For key office areas like the boardroom, smaller-sized tiles add detail and accents to the space. It also helps break up and adds character to the space to deliver design. Well-chosen wall tiles will add the finishing touch to these spaces.


Perfect Flooring For Office Washrooms

Designing an office washroom will require a little planning as well. Similar to the reception area, the office washroom will depict your company’s brand image to your customers and clients who visit it. The facility must be safe and hygienic for all including the disabled. The design for both male and female washrooms must be well thought off too. Thankfully, with the new Slip-Stop technology for tiles, you can still opt for a seamless design for the entire office. These anti-slip tiles are polished smooth-surfaced tiles that have an excellent anti slip effect when wet.


The Final Touches

Tiles are versatile flooring options and with a variety of styles, finishes, types, and sizes, they are easily built into any office theme and design. Once you have thought about the reception, the other office spaces, and the washrooms, the final touches will be incorporating your organisation’s corporate identity. Other than delivering the identity through colour schemes, your organisation’s statement or vision can be creatively conveyed through furniture, feature walls, and wall columns. Large-sized tiles, for example, are great for accentuating your office logo on the wall.


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Ideas To Turn Your Balcony Into The Great Outdoors

Ninety percent of balconies in homes and offices in Malaysia are either neglected spaces or filled with broken outdoor furniture. These small, wasted spaces can be creatively transformed into an alluring hangout or a space for relaxing and entertaining. After all, spaces with an outdoor view are precious these days during lockdowns.

A classic apartment or condominium balcony during the handover by housing developers consists of concrete floor that is devoid of personality. Fortunately, there are many ways to reconstruct boring slabs with affordable tiles. When thinking about flooring for balconies, it has similar needs to any outdoor flooring where it is susceptible to moisture, harsh weather, and heat. That is besides your preferred design, theme, or usage. It is also important for the tile to have anti-slip features for safety purposes in some instances.

Here are a few ideas where the tiny outdoor space is turned into a living space that you could never resist.

A Home Office Out In The Open

Home offices are one of the most needed spaces caused by the trending work-from-home adage. Here, the natural marble-designed tiles on the wall and floor make the space into an elegant terrace. Large windows close up the area allowing the usage of smooth porcelain tiles as it is not confronted with water or moisture.


An Indoor But Outdoor Miniature Garden

The small area facing the sun will be a paradise for your favourite plants. The plants will thrive with enough sunlight and care that it gets. The balcony is converted into a Japanese-themed space with wood-designed tiles that are known to be the better option than natural wood due to its durability and resistance to water and moisture. Besides feasting your eyes on a harmonious balcony design, it beautifies your entire home too.


One Space For All Laundry Area

Turning the balcony space into a laundry area would be an incredible idea as it will be a convenient all-in-one area where almost the entire laundry process is done in one space. Be careful to place the washing machine in a shielded area where the electrical wirings are protected from moisture or water. The perfect tiles would be ones which surface is structured or has anti-slip properties.


A Remarkable Outdoor Lounge

Who says entertaining has to be done indoors? Bring it out to the balcony for a wonderful time outdoors but in your home. If your balcony is on the large side, fit some outdoor-resistant sofa that would sit your guests comfortably. In an open space exposed to moisture and rain, the wall can be tiled to avoid unnecessary yearly painting jobs while cool grey shades of structured stone tiles create a natural yet sophisticated design that makes the balcony an attractive hangout.


A Space For Yoga

If enough hasn’t been said about turning your home into a liveable space for everything during lockdowns, your balcony is definitely a good space for some exercise. With fresh air, a good view, and the sounds of nature, it is a conducive place for your yoga. Tiles naturally feel cooler under the feet than any other flooring material thus there is no worry about the heat if doing yoga without the usual mat.


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