Top 5 Most Popular Living Room Styles

Living room – as the centerpiece of a home, opens up possibilities for creativity and innovation that enhance the overall aesthetic of a home. Scouring through top designers living room concepts, the 5 most popular living room concepts are Scandinavian, Minimalist, Modern Classic, Industrial, and Mid-Century Eclectic.

The key to a successful living room makeover very much depends on the essential combination of elements that define and refine the design concept. In this article, we will be guiding you through the right essential combination of elements to build your dream living room.


The overall look and feel of the Scandinavian design are more than just selecting and buying furniture from IKEA or MajuHome. Going way back to the source of the Scandinavian design, the concept originated from the influence of northern European countries’ – Norway, Sweden and, Denmark – architectures, and designs.



Simple and Timeless, the Minimalist design trend is a movement towards stripping down excessive use of elements in the design concept while moving the focus only on the necessary objects that address the overall look of the space which lives up to the Minimalist statement of “LESS IS MORE”.


Modern Classic

Gaining inspiration from the classic design and re-introducing it into the modern-day concept developed the popularity for this Modern Classic style trend in today’s residential and commercial space. In the Modern Classic style, colours play a vital role to get the right design concept.



The industrial style is the top picked style for homes especially amongst the younger generations due to the popularity of loft living. In an industrial design living room, marrying sleek modernity and old charming décor results in an impressive look with a touch of warmth in the atmosphere.


Mid Century Electic

Functionality will be the first outline for a Mid Century Eclectic style living room. This design concept originated from the Bauhaus styles which began in Germany and later on gained its presence globally.


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