Top 15 Tile Flooring Ideas for Cafés and Restaurants

Aesthetics is one of the most important aspects when setting up a cafe or restaurant as it defines the ambience of the establishment. Flooring then becomes the foundation of the entire café design as it is the base where the design starts.

It is also important to evaluate the functionalities and the safety features of the floor. The café floor has to be hardy enough and these aspects should be taken care of:

  • A café or restaurant is considered a high traffic area trailed by hundreds of customers’ feet per day. Full premium speckled or coloured-body porcelain tiles works best.
  • The constant risk of food and drink spillage calls for easy-to-clean types of floor with high density to reduce staining possibilities. Tiles are definitely one of the best flooring options.
  • The kitchen area of a café is susceptible to grease and water. The surface of the tiles should be matt or structured with a higher value of slip ratings. Anti-slip tiles would be most useful to reduce the risks of accidents.



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